Dynamic brain connectome analysis toolbox

Dynamic brain connectome (DynamicBC) analysis toolbox is a Matlab toolbox to calculate Dynamic Functional Connectivity (d-FC) and Dynamic Effective Connectivity (d-EC). Sliding window analysis (Bivariate Pearson correlation and Granger causality) and time varying parameter regression method (Flexible Least Squares) are two dynamic analysis strategies for time-variant connectivity analysis in the DynamicBC. Granger causality density/strength (GCD/GCS) and functional connectivity density/strength (FCD/FCS) analysis would be performed in this toolbox. Add DynamicBC's directory to MATLAB's path and enter "DynamicBC" in the command window of MATLAB to enjoy it.

The latest release is DynamicBC1.2_20160415.  

Manual could also be downloaded here.

New features of DynamicBC 1.2 release 20160415: 


Fixed the step bugs when selecting window size.

New features of DynamicBC 1.1 release 20140710:
1. Added the new utilties including the ‘Clustering’ and 'Spectrum' for dynamic FC/EC time series.
2. Added the new output of variance of dynamic FC/EC time series.  

New features of DynamicBC 1.0 release 20140429: 
This release fixed some minor bugs in dynamic FCD.


 data directory输入文件夹为E:\analysis\FunImgARCWSDF,run的时候报错:
??? Error using ==> matlabpool
Too many output arguments.
Error in ==> DynamicBC>wgr_run_all at 944
mps = matlabpool('size');
??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback


Re: Dynamic brain connectome analysis toolbox


Dynamic brain connectome analysis toolbox可以用于处理任务态下数据么?

Re: Dynamic brain connectome analysis toolbox


I'm interested to use the toolbox, but I do not know how to generate the plots that you show in your Manual (e.g., on page 51).  Could you please tell me how to do it? 

Matthew Hoptman

Dynamic EC模块 出错

Dynamic EC模块
采用 Slide Window 模式

出错信息如下 ,请求指教,多谢!

Now DynamicBC is running on 0 workers.
Running now!
Default mode: fMRI(reading from NIFTI image), if not? choose "Set ROI/ ROI wise"
Default value 0/NaN is not in the mask/label!
Default value>0 is inside the mask!
There are 104388 voxels inside the mask
Running subject    1 (all    8 subjects)
Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in DynamicBC_sliding_window_GC (line 87)
                Matrix(GCM.indX{i},:) =  GCM.matrix{i,1};

Error in DynamicBC_run (line 265)
Error in DynamicBC>wgr_run_check (line 1126)
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback


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