Data Processing Assistant for Resting-State fMRI (DPARSF) V2.3

DPARSF error in motion scrubbing

 Dear experts,

Any help with the following problem would be much appreciated. I am trying to perform motion scrubbing according to Power with interpolation. Scrubbing begins but terminates before all subjects and sessions are completed, giving the following error message:

Reading images from "/data/stress/Resting_State/WD_DPARSF_150915/FunImgARWSDFC/191/CovRegressed_4DVolume.nii" etc.
Error: No such file or directory
There was a problem writing to the header of
Error using nifti/create (line 26)
Unable to write header for
Naturally, I have checked that the files exist and that I have permission to write files in the directory. The data have been preprocessed successfully up until ARWSDFC, using motion parameters as regressors of no interest.

Best wishes, Gustav

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