Data Processing Assistant for Resting-State fMRI (DPARSF) V2.3

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 Dear experts,

Any help with the following problem would be much appreciated. I am trying to perform motion scrubbing according to Power with interpolation. Scrubbing begins but terminates before all subjects and sessions are completed, giving the following error message:

Reading images from "/data/stress/Resting_State/WD_DPARSF_150915/FunImgARWSDFC/191/CovRegressed_4DVolume.nii" etc.
Error: No such file or directory
There was a problem writing to the header of
Error using nifti/create (line 26)
Unable to write header for
Naturally, I have checked that the files exist and that I have permission to write files in the directory. The data have been preprocessed successfully up until ARWSDFC, using motion parameters as regressors of no interest.

Best wishes, Gustav

 Dear experts! How to solve this problems, thanks a lot!

Exception EAccessViolation in module dcm2nii.exe at 0006BD46.

Access violation at address 0007BD46 in module 'dcm2nii.exe'. Read of address 12EB4000. 

Converting Functional Images:sub1 OK

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in DPARSF_run (line 323)


Error in DPARSF>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 976)


Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)


Error in DPARSF (line 43)

    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Dear Chao-Gan

I run the DPARSFA V2.3 on a Linux system (matlab version:2012a, system: centOs 6.7). Sometimes when the program reach the realign step or T1 segmentation step, the program would be stuck in the situation like the image I uploaded, without showing any curve like normal situation. Even if I had waited for a long time, it didn't move anymore. So I had to end the process at last. What's worse was that it didn't return any error message, which could allow me to debug. Could you please help me figure what's wrong with the program. 

hey, i wanna know whether your problem have solved? i met the same problem, and i checkd the raw data ,there is no problem. but i don't know why DPARSF was stucked in the realign. it didn't move ,and there is no error message in MATLAB.  Except to receive a response, thanks!

Dear Chao-Gan and other experts,

currently im doing my doctoral thesis in the context of my medecine studies. Therefore im trying to find out if there are correlations between different resting-state networks and cognitive performance of patients suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).  For analysing my data i have been working with dpars - tool over the last 3 months. 

During the working process i used the EPI template of SPM 12 to show the network pictures normalised on this template.Unfortunately, the EPI template is not always fitting to the voxels representing dfferent networks, so that sometimes ventricles of the brain are tagged or regions which cant be tagged because they are not brain area any more:



Do you have any idea how i can improve those pictures/results, if it is possible to use another template than the one provided by spm12 which is used by dpars?

Or is it possible to create my own template?

I would be really happy about an answer from your side. Thank you very much!


Best regards,

Inga Tasche

最近在用DPABI处理数据过程中发现部分数据在remove first 10 time points后出现脑区部分灰度值异常情况(全部高亮灰度值相同),怀疑是DPABI软件对输入数据的灰度范围设置有阈值,因此查看了源程序,但并没有找到,观察图像灰度值发现异常图像大量体素灰度值集中于32767处,查看说是短整型数据上限就是32767,请问这种情况该怎么处理呢?


I try to create a group mask from SPM pre-processed .nii files. But when I check automask and normalize, it throws error at normalize stage. It says something like "Index is out of bounds array" I know it means "I couldn't find any files" but at DPARSFA interface it has found the subjects that under the directory I pointed. As a matter of fact at QC group mask it needs wAutoMask files of subjects. I managed to create AutoMask files without any errors but not the wAutoMask. By the way I looked at source code and it was at DPARSFA_run file line 2745 there is no variable or anything named AutoDataProcessParameter.

1-How can I normalize AutoMask?
2-How can I process SPM pre-processed subjects in DPARSFA ?
3-Not related with the topic but do you consider to embed progressbar or some feedback algorithm in DPARSFA ?
4-I will be appreciated if I help you - if you need any help on software-.

Curious Biomedical Engineer.


学生像各位老师请教个问题:使用软件为dpabi(DPARSF4.4基础版)和Matlab2015b。想要处理静息态数据,但是无法将数据成功加入dparsf中的participants中。(注:本人使用飞利浦3.0磁共振扫描,所产生的数据虽然是dicom数据,但是无后缀,本想使用dpabi自带的dicom sorter,但是分类后数据有问题,因此最后选择使用spm8自带的dicom import来进行数据格式转换,每个患者一次静息态扫描一共是240个时间点,转出后有240对(.hdr/.img)文件,因为dparsf网上说可以读取(.hdr/.img格式的nifti)所以准备试试看能否成功读取,但是发现无法将数据加入dparsf中,其中participants一直是空的。) 本人网上找过以下方法,试过后都没成功: 1.是否为所建文件夹问题,本人工作目录为/home/fanjiachen/Dsektop/rest,按了回车,我把三个受试(分别命名为Subject001、Subject002、Subject003)放在FunImg中,最后还是没能成功; 2.所保存路径中无空格、中文等。