Xiang-Yu Long's Curriculum Vitae

This is my detailed CV.


Long Xiang-yu (Research Assistant)

Contact Details
Ø longspace82@gmail.com
Ø State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, 100875
Research Interests
Ø Functions of the Default Mode Network
Ø Computational methodology of resting-state fMRI and its implement
Education Backgrounds
Ø 2000-2004 B.S., Department of Mechanism, Tianjin University
Research Experiences
Ø 2004 ~ 2005: Visiting student and research assistance supervised by Professor Jiang Tianzi and Professor Zang Yufeng in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, P.R. China.
Ø 2005 ~ Now: Research assistance in State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, P.R. China supervised by Professor Zang Yufeng.
Ø 2008.3 – 2008.6: Research assistance, as an exchange student in Oulu University Hospital, Finland for three months supervised by Dr. Vesa Kiviniemi.
Ø Wu Tao, Zang Yufeng, Wang Liang, Long Xiangyu, Li Kuncheng, Chan Piu. Normal aging decreases regional homogeneity of the motor areas in the resting state. Neurosci Lett. 2007 Aug 23; 423(3): 189-193.
Ø Wu Tao, Zang Yufeng, Wang Liang, Long Xiangyu, Hallett Mark, Chen Yi, Li Kuncheng, Chan Piu. Aging influence on functional connectivity of the motor network in the resting state. Neurosci Lett. 2007 Jul 18; 422(3): 164-8. 
Ø Cao Qingjiu, Zang Yufeng, Sun Li, Sui Manqiu, Long Xiangyu, Zou Qihong, Wang Yufeng. Abnormal neural activity in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Neuroreport. 2006 Jul 17; 17(10): 1033-6.
Ø Yang Hong, Long Xiangyu, Yang Yihong, Yan Hao, Zhu Chaozhe, Zhou Xiangping, Zang Yufeng, Gong Qiyong. Amplitude of low frequency fluctuation within visual areas revealed by resting-state functional MRI. Neuroimage. 2007 May 15; 36(1): 144-52.
Ø Xiang-Yu Long, Xi-Nian Zuo, Vesa Kiviniemi, Yihong Yang, Qi-Hong Zou, Chao-Zhe Zhu, Tian-Zi Jiang, Hong Yang, Qi-Yong Gong, LiangWang, Kun-Cheng Li, Sheng Xie, Yu-Feng Zang. Default mode network as revealed with multiple methods for resting-state functional MRI analysis, J Neurosci Methods (2008), in press.
Ø Qi-Hong Zou, Chao-Zhe Zhu, Yihong Yang, Xi-Nian Zuo, Xiang-Yu Long, Qing-Jiu Cao, Yu-Feng Wang, Yu-Feng Zang. An Improved Approach to Detection of Amplitude of Low-Frequency Fluctuation (ALFF) for Resting-State fMRI: Fractional ALFF. Short Communication in Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2008. accepted.
Ø Wu Tao, Long Xiangyu, Zang Yufeng, Wang Liang, Hallett Mark, Li Kuncheng, Chan Piu. Regional homogeneity changes in patients with Parkinson's disease. Hum Brain Mapp. 2008. accepted.