May 2009

ROI definition

I am trying to run a correlation for a group of subjects at once. I have the timecourses for my seed ROI in text files. It seems however, that the option for defining voxelwise ROIs using text files only allows one file to be loaded at a time. Is it possible to load multiple text files, corresponding to the seed timecourses for each subject?
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[REST]Fixed the bug of reading and writing error under the linux, unix or mac operation system.

Hi, all!
       Some users have found that they wound meet reading and writing errors under the linux , unix or mac operation system.
       Now I have fixed this problem and released it in advance. Please click here to download it (


 Hi again,
I am interested in using REST to examine anticorrelations. I just wanted to check the following:
1 - If I include a global signal timeseries as a covariable, then the analysis will produce maps showing voxels significantly correlated with the seed timecourse after controlling for global signal fluctuations. That is, it is essentially like performing a global signal regression. Is this correct?
2 - Anticorrelations will be revealed by negative values in the resulting connectivity and z-maps. Is this correct?

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Maximum variable size

I tried to start a seed-based connectivity analysis, but it stopped at the first, detrending stage with the error: "Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded".

Is there a limit on the number of volumes or subjects that can be analysed? I have 840 volumes. I was trying a pilot analysis in 5 subjects.

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Pleae resmaple your mask or ROI definition file first!

Hi, Cleofé Peña Gómez!
     1. You need to resample your mask or ROI file to the dimension of your functional images.
          There were three ways: (1) use SONG Xiao-Wei's program, from                              

                                                 (2) use my program, from   (the third one)
                                                 (3) use SPM5:
                                                                       a. Click "Coregister"
                                                                       b. Click "New "Coreg: Reslice""
                                                                       c. "Image Defining Space": choose one of your functional image. e.g. your normalized functional image or image after Detrend and Filter.
                                                                       d. "Images to Reslice": choose the mask file or ROI definition file. e.g. BrainMask_05_61x73x61.img
                                                                       e. "Reslice Options" -> "Interpolation": choose "Nearest neighbour"
                                                                       f. Just click "Run". Then you will get the resmapled mask or ROI file with a surfix of "r".

REST functional connectivity error 'Matirix dimensions'

Hi, REST exparts

 I'm trying to analyze my resting state fMRI data using by REST functional connectivity. I've tried many times, but I always encount this error.

Exception occured
Error using ==>eq
Matrix dimensions must agree

I think that dimensions of my data don't match. Dimensions of my data are 79X95X69(Vox size 2X2X2, smooth 6mm). How can I solve this probrem? I'm sorry I'm just a biginner.

 Thanks in advance.

Q&A: "REST error...ReadNiftiImage.m"


I am trying to analyze some resting state data using REST, but I cannot load the data in the GUI.  Am I correct to assume we need to enter data in conseqcutive file names of ANALYZE format?  The error message I get in Matlab refers to line 103 of rest_ReadNiftiImage.m

Is this script necessary if we are using ANALYZE not NIFTI?  If it is not necessary how do I skip it.

I do not know how to proceed.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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