November 2011


In the current study, we used a relatively low sampling rate (TR=2 s) for multislice (30 slices) acquisitions.Under this sampling rate, respiratory and cardiac fluctuations may still pose a problem for fMRI time series, despite band-pass filtering in the range 0.01-0.1 Hz used to reduce them.

Procedure for performing Paired T-Test?

Hello, I'm attempting to perform a Paired T-Test on the functional connectivity of two resting state conditions within-subject. I have a Placebo run and a Control run for the subject. First I converted my .nii files to nifti pairs using REST's conversion utility. Then I used the Functional Connectivity tool to create a FC and zFC Map for each condition individually using the same ROI location. Then I placed the zFC maps into their own folders (I have 1 folder for the zFC map from the Placebo run and another folder for the zFC Map from the Control run).


报告的文献为:《Reducing inter-subject anatomical variation: Effect of normalization method on sensitivity of functional magnetic resonance imaging data analysis in auditory cortex and the superior temporal region》。