April 2013

Brodmann atlas - saving only one area of interest using rest-viewer?

is it possible to create a template of only one of the brodmann area using rest-viewer and the brodmann atlas provided by rest?
I tried it already, but when i select "save current cluster" it always ends up with saving areas.
thanks very much in advance!




我的处理步骤是,slice timing, realign, coregister, Newsegment+DARTEL, Nuisance covaraite regression (poly trend 1, Fiston 24, Global signal, WM signal, CSF signal), Warp Masks into individual space, ALFF/ReHo等,normalize, smooth。 本来想贴图上来的,可能是网速慢贴不上,只好这么简单描述了。

然后我就逐个文件去检查,发现到FunImgARCF看着都正常,头部颠倒的和没有颠倒的被试都差不多,T1ImgNewSegment 灰白质分割也是正常的,但Masks 和Results里都是空的。

有关使用rest计算degree centrality结果输出的问题

严老师您好,我做了30个正常儿童中心度,在rest计算DC的界面有两个输出结果分别是output directory for weighted sum和output directory for binarize sum(如下图),请问我要用这两个输出文件分别是什么意思,我要下一步进行统计计算用哪个文件夹。

error using dparsf

I used Dparsf for resting state fmri images, everything was done according to the manaul, but i receive this error again and again, how can i solve it

??? Error using ==> parallel_function at 598
Error in ==> DPARSFA_run>(parfor body) at 198
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> DPARSFA_run at 194

no result after performing one sample t-test for the mrehomap

i got two rehomap after performing reho analysis. after that i used the mreho map for statistical analysis.
there was no error and t-test was completed sucessfully, but when i overlayed it on ch2 template image. it was just a blank image(like plain colour)