May 2013

Bounding box to create data with 4x4x4 voxel size in MNI space?

Hi Dr. Yu-feng Zang and collegues,
I'm Wi Hoon in South Korea. I'd like to convert voxel size of 3x3x3 to 4x4x4 in MNI space using DPARSFA or SPM. 
Could you tell me bounding box imformation for 4x4x4 voxel size (e.g., [-90 -126 -72; 90 90 108] for 3x3x3 voxel size)?

Wi Hoon

VMHC within DPARSFA pipeline

I've have a question doing VHMC within the DPARSFA pipeline. The default outputs of VHMC include both VMHC and zVMHC files. The zVMHC file seems to reflect a Z-transform of the VMHC file, performed on every voxel inside a default brain mask. However, the default mask includes the midline slice that has perfect correlation with itself. Is there a way to exclude the midline slice from the Z-transform?



Added new function of "corr(i1,i2,'spatial')" in REST Image Calculator. (DONG Zhang-Ye)

Dear Dr. Dong

I notice a new function added into REST Image Calculator, "corr(i1,i2,'spatial')" .

What is the 'spatial' correlation between image 1 and image2?

Is there any ref. about this  'spatial' correlation?


REST-GCA paper mistake in formula wrriten.

A wrriten mistake in transformation of F values to F' values in REST-GCA paper was pointed out by Mr. WU Guorong. We thank Mr. Wu for the correction and we confirmed the REST-GCA toolkit code is correct.
We apologize to readers for this mistake. In the readme file of REST-GCA, this formula is correctly presented. Users could download the readme file in REST-GCA section.




这种情况应该用multiple regression 还是one-way ANOVA between subjects

      我在试验中收集有午睡习惯的被试每周的午睡天数,有4 5 6 7共四个选项,如果我想找到午睡习惯可能影响到的脑区(使用VBM数据),应该是使用multiple regression 还是one-way ANOVA between subjects哪?如果使用one-way ANOVA between subjects的话,contrast vector应该怎么设置才能满足我的目标那?


troubles while processing DPARSF basic edition, never happened before

Dear REST experts:

Recently I run the DPARSF basic edition and I faced the following wrong messages in my matlab command window

??? Error using ==> spm_slice_vol at 32
spm_slice_vol.c not compiled - see Makefile

Error in ==> spm_slice_timing at 213
slices(:,:,m) = spm_slice_vol(Vin(m),B,Vin(1).dim(1:2),1);

Error in ==> spm_config_slice_timing>slicetiming at 170

Error in ==> spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1474





  Load mask "".
  Build band pass filtered mask. Wait...
  Band Pass Filter working. Wait...Error using load
Unable to read MAT-file

File may be corrupt.