strange format after FunImgNormalizedSmoothedDetrendedFilteredCovremoved

 Dear all, 
I ran a seed-based connectivity analysis using DPARSF and REST. While all images look fine in FunImgNormalizedSmoothedDetrendedFiltered, after removing the covariates, they look strangely distorted (and are not in the usual shape of the whole-brain template anymore; I attached one of the files) in FunImgNormalizedSmoothedDetrendedFilteredCovremoved. I am not sure if this is a problem as the images in the FC folder are shaped ok again (the whole-brain mask I entered was applied).
Did something go wrong when removing the covariates or should the images in FunImgNormalizedSmoothedDetrendedFilteredCovremoved look that way?
Thanks a lot for your help.
PS. Is there any way to use the newly added atlases in DPARSA also in DPARSF?

Binary Data 00000001.hdr348 bytes
Binary Data 00000001.img1.04 MB

The image is normal after regressing out covariates. For each voxel, the temporal mean will be zero after nuisance regression, thus you will no longer see the difference in mean intensity among gray matter, white matter and CSF. 
Also, you will see a clear boundary between voxels insider brain from those outside brain before regression. However, after nuisance regression, all the voxels were near zero, thus you will no longer see the boundary.
Most of the resting-state fMRI analyses (e.g., FC, ALFF, ReHo) were interested in the variation other than the mean, the temporal dynamics were still there within the "distorted" images.
You can type in "DPARSFA" to start the advanced edition.