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Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致

结果2中是peak 点对应的分区 Rolandic_Oper_L。

Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致

 宋老师,peak MNI coordinate region 这一行不是峰值点坐标所在脑区吗?从左到右脑区依次精确?

Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致


The Brain Atlas Concordance Problem: Quantitative Comparison of Anatomical Parcellations

 Jason W. Bohland; position: relative; top: 2px; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">mailHemant Bokil, Cara B. Allen, Partha P. Mitra


Many neuroscientific reports reference discrete macro-anatomical regions of the brain which were delineated according to a brain atlas or parcellation protocol. Currently, however, no widely accepted standards exist for partitioning the cortex and subcortical structures, or for assigning labels to the resulting regions, and many procedures are being actively used. Previous attempts to reconcile neuroanatomical nomenclatures have been largely qualitative, focusing on the development of thesauri or simple semantic mappings between terms. Here we take a fundamentally different approach, discounting the names of regions and instead comparing their definitions as spatial entities in an effort to provide more precise quantitative mappings between anatomical entities as defined by different atlases. We develop an analytical framework for studying this brain atlas concordance problem, and apply these methods in a comparison of eight diverse labeling methods used by the neuroimaging community. These analyses result in conditional probabilities that enable mapping between regions across atlases, which also form the input to graph-based methods for extracting higher-order relationships between sets of regions and to procedures for assessing the global similarity between different parcellations of the same brain. At a global scale, the overall results demonstrate a considerable lack of concordance between available parcellation schemes, falling within chance levels for some atlas pairs. At a finer level, this study reveals spatial relationships between sets of defined regions that are not obviously apparent; these are of high potential interest to researchers faced with the challenge of comparing results that were based on these different anatomical models, particularly when coordinate-based data are not available. The complexity of the spatial overlap patterns revealed points to problems for attempts to reconcile anatomical parcellations and nomenclatures using strictly qualitative and/or categorical methods. Detailed results from this study are made available via an interactive web site at

Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致

我不清楚这个cluster report生成的方法,看起来好像AAL和Brodmann间没有重合,实际上应该有不少重合。


Rolandic_Oper_L (AAL)

Hemisphere:  Left 

Region definition:  The region lateral to the posterior convolutions of the insula for its internal part and by the union of the precentral and postcentral gyri after the Rolandic sulcus ends for its lateral part. References Dejerine (1980).

Volume as defined:  7939 mm3

Standardized name:  rolandic operculum

Atlas Region % Contained In % Contains; background-position: 100% -80px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">; background-position: 0px -80px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Composite Score
HO Central Opercular Cortex 53.696% 44.824% 0.4906
TG parietal operculum, left 26.623% 47.601% 0.3560
TG posterior central operculum, left 22.195% 53.773% 0.3455
CYTO Secondary somatosensory cortex / Parietal operculum OP4 L 30.882% 36.224% 0.3345
TALg Insula 49.287% 17.921% 0.2972
ICBM POSTCENTRAL 57.092% 12.293% 0.2649
TG anterior central operculum, left 17.542% 38.132% 0.2586
CYTO Secondary somatosensory cortex / Parietal operculum OP3 L 15.310% 35.127% 0.2319
HO Parietal Operculum Cortex 14.484% 25.130% 0.1908
CYTO Secondary somatosensory cortex / Parietal operculum OP1 L 18.218% 19.744% 0.1897
TG ventral premotor cortex, left 12.364% 24.654% 0.1746
TALc Brodmannarea13 18.649% 15.820% 0.1718
TALg Precentral Gyrus 31.238% 8.736% 0.1652
LPBA L precentral gyrus 31.970% 7.541% 0.1553
CYTO Secondary somatosensory cortex / Parietal operculum OP2 L 5.028% 34.760% 0.1322
CYTO Broca's area BA44 L 23.771% 7.213% 0.1309
TALc Brodmannarea43 3.715% 34.737% 0.1136
ICBM INFERIOR FRONTAL GYRUS 22.214% 5.375% 0.1093
HO Precentral Gyrus 22.871% 4.696% 0.1036
TG ventral motor cortex, left 4.991% 14.111% 0.0839

Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致


Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致


Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致


Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致



Re: matlab和rest报告的峰值点BA脑区不一致

 insula在原来的Brodmann Area是没有编号的。在文章中,最好加上采用具体的什么方法报告的脑区名称,因为不同软件对脑区定义并不是完全。但我对具体的操作不清楚。

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