time series of mean csf,WM

Dear Rest team

i would like to plot the time series of nuiscance regressors(CSF,WM,Global mean signal).i have  difficult of finding the time series of these regressors.i appreciate it if you can help me


For RESTplus, the mask folder of CSF, WM, Global mean signal is in 160122_RESTplus_V1.1\mask. 

For example:   CSF: CsfMask_07_61x73x61.img     WM: WhiteMask_09_61x73x61.img   global mean: BrainMask_05_61x73x61.img

you can use the utility of RESTplus: "Extract ROI singal", and select these mask as your ROI. select the 4d data as input.

You will get the time series. It is a series of number in txt file. However, you can plot it in RESTplus. You can plot it in other software (e.g matlab, R )

Thank you for answering, but i have a problem here
i did what you said, but i have an error about the uncompatibility of mask and data, the mask should be 64X64X48 not 91X109X91



We are sorry for the delay. Time series of CSF, WM, (or/and Global mean signal) are stored in a folder named "FunImgxxxxCovs" in your data processing path.


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Lei Gao.