Regress out Nuissance Covariates (in DPARSF)

Can I use this option if my data is not of the same resolution as the white, gray matter, etc. images that are used to calculate the nuissance covariates?

I'm asking because I know that I cannot use the default mask if it is not of the same resolution. I'm wondering if the principle applies here too.

seems like this question has

seems like this question has been answered by the program, since it returns an error message.

Is there any chance you will add the option to resample results according to your masks in the DPARSF toolbox?
Would make things a lot easier.


If you use DPARSF Basic Edition, then you need to resample the masks manully. However, there is a new Edition of DPARSF called DPARSF Advanced Edition, it will resample the masks automatically for you. You can download a video for DPARSFA from

III. Multimedia Course: Data Processing of Resting-State fMRI (Part 3, English version) (Corresponding PowerPoint pps file) Release 101109:
1. The differences between DPARSF V2.0 Basic Edition and Advanced Edition.
2. The details of new functions in DPARSF V2.0 Advanced Edition: steps skipping or combining, calculating ReHo/ALFF/fALFF and Functional Connectivity in individual space, masks auto-resampling, mask auto-warping into individual space, interactively reorienting and interactively ROI defining.

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