Crafts on the Research Road

Hi all dear my friends, just use this place to write down some thoughts and updates on my google pages. and hope this helpful for you guys.

1). Recently finding one thing: if you use FSL doing analysis, you can easily combine it with MATLAB. FSL provides easy-to-use I/O functions to read/write nifti data in MATLAB env. These functions are included in the ${FSLDIR}/etc/matlab like names 'read_avw.m, save_avw.m, ..., etc'. But the important thing is you should reorient your data into RPI before you perform any FSL operations. If you have any concerns with this topic, please let me know.

2). The second thing is concerned nonlinear registration: I post the scripts doing FNIRT in FSL below, perhaps you can try it sometime.


Plain text icon xtools_fnirt.txt4.69 KB