Statistics with GCA result

Dear REST-GCA experts,

I really appreciated your work about REST toolkit.
I have been performing granger causality analysis with resting-state fMRI data in healthy controls and patients using REST-GCA toolkit. I performed both voxel-GCA and ROI-wise GCA.

I am wondering how to conduct statistical analyses, e.g. within-group analysis and between-group comparison with the results acquired using REST-GCA toolkit?
I think that we can not use one-sample t-test or two-sample t-test with the results.
Do you have any description like ppt file to do statistics?

I saw your files, Usage_of_REST-GCA_0.ppt and GCA_readme_New_Version_0.doc, but it didn't describe how to do statistical analysis.

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


For the coefficient-based GCA, you may perform tests on the coefficients directly. See: Hamilton, J.P., Chen, G., Thomason, M.E., Schwartz, M.E., Gotlib, I.H., in press. Investigating neural primacy in Major Depressive Disorder: multivariate Granger causality analysis of resting-state fMRI time-series data. Mol Psychiatry.

For the residual-based GCA, ZANG Zhen-Xiang has a work to convert this value into normal distributed. You can see it from the next release of REST.

Best wishes!

Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your kind comment. It were a big help.
I would use REST-GCA toolkit with our data.
It is cited this software in my manuscript.

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