February 2011

DPARSFA "error in realign"

I'm using DPARSFA and getting a message that says "error in realign" and then lists the name of the subject. The subject ran fine in DPARSF. Any idea what could be causing this?

rest slicer viewer 报错

??? Attempted to access theOverlay(1,217); index out of bounds because size(theOverlay)=[181,216].

Error in ==> rest_sliceviewer>AddOverlay at 2965

Error in ==> rest_sliceviewer>SetView_Orthogonal at 1445

What's new for '+"resting" +"fMRI"' in PubMed


两个masks A和B,它们存在交叉即它们有公共部分C,怎样在rest软件中用公式表示来提取其公共部分C即取两者交集?万分谢谢!

What's new for '+"resting" +"fMRI"' in PubMed

3D functional connectivity map

To whom it may concern:
Thank you for kindly providing the tool for analyzing resting-state functional connectivity.
I am wondering if I can use the REST TOOL to plot a 3D brain map showing different levels of functional connectivity after running the ROI-wise analysis.
Thank you.

What's new for '+"resting" +"fMRI"' in PubMed

Regress out Nuissance Covariates (in DPARSF)

Can I use this option if my data is not of the same resolution as the white, gray matter, etc. images that are used to calculate the nuissance covariates?

I'm asking because I know that I cannot use the default mask if it is not of the same resolution. I'm wondering if the principle applies here too.

What's new for '+"resting" +"fMRI"' in PubMed