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HI, I have completed a PET project between two groups (patient and controls) and would like to see whether there are differences in connectivity between the ROIs that are greater in the patients or greater in the controls. ie, I'd like to see the strength of the connection between the points. What function on REST would I use? I have already done the functional connectivity from each ROI individually, which gives me the FC map. But, this doesn't tell me how connected ROI-1 is to ROI-2.
And, can dparsf be used to look at fluctuations at other frequencies? eg. at 4-7Hz rather than low frequency.
Thank you for all the great help from this forum.
Yoon-Hee Cha

Thanks for your interests!
You can post it as an independent post next time.
If you want to see how connected ROI-1 is to ROI-2, you can use ROI-wise FC. Please refer to Part 1 of:
You can use another frequency band in REST and DPARSF if you have fast-sampling data. 4Hz means your data TR should be smaller than 1/4/2 s.