Howto Start a topic in from an abstract in PubMed

PubMed should be a most familiar tool to search and find our interested papers. If you do not only want to check an article from PubMed but also want to discuss or comment the article, I will show you the method below since discussion may strengthen our understanding of a paper and also push us to find a question and make a furthur step to promote a question.  

Right click your mouse on this link, add it to your bookmarks and you may name it as "Discuss This in". Click this bookmark when you are interested in a paper's abstract in PubMed. Then

  • would automatically populate the abstract in pubmed to a new topic's form, click "Save" to start a topic about this paper after you verified or revised the subject/tags/content.
  • if there are already a series of topics about this paper in, I would list them all in the same raising-topic page. You may follow any topic you are interested. (I am working on it, wait please...)
  • if there are already some topics about this papaer in, but you are not interested in any one, you could continue to edit the auto-populated form and click "Save" to start a topic.




老师您好!我在用DPARS做静息态数据处理时,slice numeber:39,
timepoints:190,TR:3,Reference slice:39,voxelsize:3 3 3 ,FWHM:6 6 6
Failed 'Slice Timing'
Improper assignment with rectangular empty matrix.
In file "D:\matlab2010\toolbox\spm8\spm_slice_timing.m" (v2696), function
"spm_slice_timing" at line 233.

你好。你的slice timing参数不对。请和扫描员核对一下层数和层序。