April 2010

problem in overlay t image


  我在win 7下使用的是MATLAB 7.9.0, DPARSFv1.0 100201, REST V1.4 100426, SPM5。有5个被试,DPARSF设置是


Printing Graphics Windows to
Running "Realign: Estimate & Reslice"

新版的REST 使用时报错 烦请专家指教

运行环境 Win XP(SP2)
              Matlab 7.01(R14)
              REST 版本 Version: 1.4, Release: 20100426

Welcome: Administrator, 20100428_2042
REST Version: 1.4, Release: 20100426
??? Error using ==> copyfile
Cannot find the source file or directory specified.

Why FCmap can't show up after doing all of "functional connectivity" analysis?

Dear all:

I did the functional connectivity analysis by REST v1.3 and I found that there were no so called "FCmap" in the results directory and fold. I used SPM statistical T-MAPs derived from GIFT toolbox as ROIs and I also finisehd the DPARSF preprocessing except ReHo, ALFF, etc. Can anybody tell me what's going wrong about this errors?
Thank you.
Dr. Lai 


??? Error using ==> cd
Cannot CD to G:temp (Name is nonexistent or not a directory).

Error in ==> tempdir at 31
    curr_dir = cd(tmp_dir);

Error in ==> rest_misc at 119
 dirFCTemp  =dir(fullfile(tempdir, 'fc_*'));

Error in ==> rest>QuitAll at 393
 rest_misc( 'ClearTempFiles');

Error in ==> rest at 34

我的操作系统是win7 32位的,matlab 2009B

[REST_V1.4_100426]Fixed a reading and writing bug of compatibility with SPM8

Dear All!
      REST_V1.4_100420 has been intensely tested in MATLAB7.3 with SPM5. However, there appears a reading and writing bug of compatibility with SPM8.
      Now, this problem has been solved in REST_V1.4_100426.
      Please download the latest release and use it, then this problem will be solved automatically after restarting MATLAB. For an alternative way, you can run rest_Fix_Read_Write_Error.m in REST_V1.4_100426 manually and do not need to restart MATLAB.

Fwd: What's new for '+"resting" +"fMRI"' in PubMed

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National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

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error in using ANALYZE format images


DPARSF 做到 smooth 的时候报错

我利用 DPARSF 来预处理我的功能像数据,每个患者有 3 个 session,因此我将 FunRaw 里面设置为 subject001_1、subject001_2、subject001_3...,而T1Raw里面相应的放上 3 个 subject001 的 3D 结构像、然后 subject002...
前面的步骤运行顺利,但是到 smooth 的时候,报了错,并且文件夹中未生成用于检验 normalization 效果的图像文件夹。
系统为win xp,spm8,刚更新了DPARSF 和 REST1.4,报错信息如下: